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How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.18.1

Hey there! In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.18.1. We can do that by downloading a Aristois Client. What is it? Aristois Client will help you get Cheats in your Minecraft 1.18.1, you can find all kinds of different cheats like Wall Hack(XRay), AimBot and Kill Aura. Let’s go and find out How To Download Cheats in Minecraft 1.18.1!

About this article

Were you wondering How To Install Cheats in Minecraft 1.18.1? Then this article is just right for you! I will show you every steps to install Cheats in Minecraft 1.18.1! We can do this by download and installing Aristois Client, it’s really easy just believe me. Aristois offer lots of great cheats like X-RAY, some ESP modes, Fly, Aimbot, Kill aura, some Wall Hacks and much more. Let’s get right into it!

First Off

Let’s download Aristois Client. The link is above and simply click on it and it will take you to aristois website, download the client. After that please drag and drop it into the desktop. Open Windows Search Bar and search for %appdata% -> .minecraft -> versions, now simply double click on aristois. This will open the installation process, go through it.

That’s it!

You have now finally installed Cheats in Minecraft! Open Minecraft, choose aristois version and hit that play button! To turn on the mod menu hit right shift, you can now choose from a lots of different options like X-RAY, fly, Kill Aura, changing gamemodes and much more. If this tutorial helped you please read more of my Minecraft Tutorials on Minecraft Sketch Bros or If you prefer video-way then watch out my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. Thank you!

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