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How To Download Lunar Client with Cracked Minecraft or Tlauncher [2021]

In today’s video I’m gonna show you How To Download Lunar Client with Cracked Minecraft or Tlauncher! This is pretty easy Minecraft Tutorial for you and I hope you are gonna absolutely love that. Lunar client will give you a huge fps boost and it has a lot of cool features. Let’s get right into lunar client 1.17 cracked!


About this article:

This article is about How To Download Lunar Client with Cracked Minecraft. This will allow you to play Lunar Client with Cracked Minecraft Account so you can get that huge FPS boost and a lot of different useful mods for your Minecraft. Let’s get right into it!

Download Lunar Client

Let’s get onto it! Download the lunar client from mediafire which is linked above just simply hit on that and click on download. Once it’s downloaded simply drag and drop them onto the desktop. It’s the easy part now. Click on Windows Search Bar and look for %appdata%. Once you are there open .minecraft, scroll down and open versions folder.

Once you are there

drag and drop the file from the desktop into versions folder. Now the lunar client is installed in Tlauncher or any other cracked version of Minecraft. So if you use Tlauncher, simply open it. Make sure you are log in your Tlauncher Account and open versions tab and search for release lunar. If you found that click on that and hit Enter the Game. This will open Cracked Lunar Client.

That’s it!

And that’s finally it! Now you know How To Install Cracked Lunar Client for Tlauncher. It’s open now so simply play your Lunar Client now. If you have any trouble, if it wants you to log in, simply use you will find a free Minecraft Account which you can use to play Lunar Client.

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