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How To Install Minecraft Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.19

Let me start by saying that this Minecraft mod is just unique! You will be stunned once you try it out. I am tired of those boring Villagers because they literally do nothing? Don’t worry, I’m here, and I will show you How To Install Minecraft Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft 1.21! This mod will make all of the NPCs (including villagers) move and think smarter. The interaction with the Villagers will be much more exciting from now on.

The Minecraft Comes Alive Mod 1.21 will change the whole life of Minecraft. It will give the game a whole different look and change everything literally. The villagers will behave more like real humans! 

What’s really funny is that you can do many new things with the Villagers with this Minecraft mod. For example, you can walk together and have a children from now on! Yes, and that’s not everything. You can also buy and sell goods together and start a family! This is something that Minecraft has been missing for a long time, and thanks to this mod, everyone can finally have it. It’s a shame that Mojang didn’t do an update such as this. Everyone would appreciate that.

Many important changes are missing a lot in the game. Thanks for the modders out there that are doing a fantastic job! If you love the game as much as I do, but it’s not fun anymore, then try this mod. There are more fantastic mods similar to this, just a different topic, but modded Minecraft is the best. 

How To Download Minecraft Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft 1.21

I promise that this will be a super quick Minecraft tutorial. We will need two things, forge, and the Minecraft Comes Alive mod for Minecraft 1.21. An in-depth tutorial on How To Install Forge in Minecraft 1.21. First of all, please scroll down where you can find the download links. There is a little section with two links. Please click on both. There will be a redirection website, please go through it.

I have made it, so don’t worry. Let’s do the Forge at first. So I assume you are on the redirection website, click on download forge again. Then you will be on the official website of Forge. This website is crucial, you can find many different types of mods, but make sure you find Minecraft 1.21 version, then you need to download it. Please wait a minute or two, and once done, then you have to take the file and drop it on the desktop.

Let’s move on to the mod, this will be pretty easy too. Click on the link again, you have to go through my redirection website like I said above, it’s nothing complicated. Just click download Minecraft Comes Alive Mod 1.21, and then you will be on the website where you can download the file. And again, take the file and drop it on the desktop. Part one is completed.

Download links:

How To Install Minecraft Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft 1.21

You have both files on the desktop, I know it. And that’s completely fine because I need you to have it there so we can install everything. At first, open the windows search bar, please. You can do this by finding the icon on your screen, it’s in the left-down corner, or if you press the windows button and R on the keyboard.

However, once you are there, type in %appdata%. This will open the roaming folder, and there is a Minecraft folder that we really need if we want to install this mod. Please open it and find the mods folder, then take the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod and drop it into the folder. That’s not everything yet!

We have to install Forge as well. The installation file is on the desktop, what you have to do is to double click on that and go through the installation process. Choose the directory file, agree with the terms and conditions, and then wait a couple of seconds to install everything. Next, go to the roaming folder, find versions, open it, and check if you see the Forge version. If yes, then everything is fine, and you can play Minecraft 1.19.3 with the Minecraft Comes Alive mod. Enjoy it!

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