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How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.18.1 (2022)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.18.1! Watch this super easy Minecraft Tutorial so you can play this amazing map. This map is really popular, you are starting with just oneblock and you can build a whole world with it. You can do this by downloading one block 1.18.1, it’s in the section of skyblock map. I will show you everything, let’s get right into this Minecraft tutorial.

Download Links are down below

So were you wondering How To Download OneBlock in Minecraft 1.18.1 or did you just put minecraft one block 1.18.1 into google? Then this amazing Minecraft Tutorial is just for you! I will show you everything from the scratch. Oneblock skyblock 1.18.1 is an amazing skyblock map with only one block, you have to destroy the block and get another one, then another one. You get me right? I absolutely love this map and it has a great name one block map 1.18.1. Ok, let’s do it.

Can you do it?

Challenge yourself with this ultimate survival map for Minecraft 1.18.1! You have only one block to survive. At first, you start on a block of dirt, and there’s nothing else in there! Sounds weird? Yeah it does, but let me explain what happens next. Destroy the block under you and you will receive a new block, destroy it again and then again.

By doing this, you can make your own world, it will spawn different blocks such as bed, wood or diamonds ore! It’s always random what you block will appear each time. If you want to finish this map, you have to find a way to an end and kill an Ender Dragon!

There are also 10 phases total like: The Plains, The Underground or Ocean. After you complete all of these 10 phases, the end portal will spawn below the infinite block. Random mobs will be spawing from all of the phases. Each block spawns differently that means that some blocks can be spawned multiple times.

In each phase, specific mobs are spawn. The infinite block won’t spawn a boss like Dragon or something like that. Only normal mobs but it depends in what phase you are currently in. If you finish a phase, you will get a random chest full of useful items. You will get better items in the later phases, it includes rare and odd chests.

What is the final goal in OneBlock Map?

Well, the answer depends on you! Because it is what you want it to be. You can do anything in Oneblock 1.18.1, you can build a normal Minecraft World or just go and kill the Ender Dragon. There’s so much stuff to do in the skyblock oneblock map. You have unlimited time so do what you want! The best goal is obviously kill Ender Dragon.

For someone it’s also building the biggest House in the sky or whatever. One point I want to tell you, you can also play oneblock in multiplayer! It is easy to find a OneBlock Server, join the server and play OneBlock with friends!

First off

Download the oneblock skyblock 1.18.1, the link for the download is down below. When you click on that, it will redirect you to my redirection website but dont worry, just click download again. Then the link will take you to the curseforge website when you simply click on download OneBlock 1.18.1. Wait for the download and once it’s downloaded, drag and drop it into your desktop. Open the windows search bar and search for %appdata%.

Roaming folder

This will take you to the roaming folder where .minecraft is, open it and scroll down to saves, double click on saves and drag and drop the minecraft one block 1.18.1 in there. Just make sure it’s unzipped! If you don’t unzip the file then it wont work, right click on that and unzip it. Now simply close the windows and open Minecraft. Choose the newest version which is 1.18.1 and hit that play button. Go to singleplayer and choose one block 1.18.1, now you should be able to play OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.18.1!

That’s it!

This everything for this Minecraft Tutorial and now you know How To Download OneBlock Map in Minecraft 1.18.1! It was super easy right? If that doesn’t work for you or you want to watch this as a video you can do it on my YouTube channel, my name is Minecraft Sketch Bros there. You can also check out this Minecraft website for more tutorials. I have a second website about Tech Stuff, so if you are interested then make sure to check it out.


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