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How To Install Optifine in PoJavLauncher (2024)

I will show you How To Install Optifine in PoJavLauncher in this Minecraft Tutorial. It’s finally here guys! You can have Optifine on Minecraft Mobile! We can achieve this by installing PoJavLauncher on your mobile phone, it doesn’t matter if you have iOS or Android.

I’m happy to show you a quick way to install Optifine in PoJavLauncher. PoJavLauncher is a new Minecraft Launcher for mobile devices, iOS and Android. Thanks to this Minecraft Launcher, you can now have Minecraft Java Edition on mobile and that means you can install optifine as well! It is literally Minecraft from PC for mobile device!

Just a quick note before we begin. Please take a deep breath and stay focused so you won’t do any mistakes. If you do then it will lead up to fail and that is not a good thing. However, you can contact me anytime without any problems, i’m always here for you. You can find me here on my website or on my YouTube channel.

How To Download Optifine for PoJavLauncher

First off, scroll down to the downloads section. You can find the download button for Optifine, so simply scroll down and click on download Optifine. It will open up the redirection website which is completely safe for you. Click on download optifine for pojavlauncher again, now you should appear on the optifine website.

Go to the downloads section and find the Optifine version you want to use. It really doesn’t matter which one you use, just look for the version and download it. Before we go to the installation process, go to the App Store or Google store and download File manager. You will need to use this in order to install Optifine in PoJavLauncher.

How To Install Optifine for PoJavLauncher

Let’s assume you have PoJavLauncher installed. Go to your File Manager and find downloads folder, you should see Optifine File in there. Double tap on Optifine and it should install itself. Go to games folder -> PoJavLauncher and click on the three dots that are on the right top corner and go to settings. Find hidden items and make sure it’s enabled.

.minecraft folder should appear right now, scroll down and find versions folder. Make sure you have optifine in there, if not, then there is some issues. Open PoJavLauncher and sign in or continue without signing in. Click on options and choose launch a mod installer. Find the download directory and choose optifine. Go back to versions and scroll all the way down to Optifine. That’s it! You can play PoJavLauncher with Optifine right now!


That’s it!

I know, it’s sad but yes, it’s over. This is everything for this awesome tutorial about How To Install Optifine in PoJavLauncher! If you found any issues or you did something wrong don’t worry, you can always contact me and I will help you with everything. You can also find me on my YouTube Channel with the same name like here.

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