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OptiForge Mod 1.21 (Optifine + Forge)

Let me show you another fantastic mod for Minecraft, and that is OptiForge Mod 1.21! You will love this, because of the Forge, you can have any mod you want to use. And if you combine that with Optifine, you will get a huge boost in FPS, and you can also have Guns or anything else.

Keep in mind that with this tool, you can also have shaders! This mod can make Optifine compatible with Minecraft Forge. Here are an in-depth tutorial on Optifine 1.21 and Forge 1.21, you shouldn’t want to miss them. I’m so happy to show you this, because with this you can use the favorite modifications in the same time. 

The official developers of Forge and Optifine refused to create a project together, thankfully the community made it themselves. They made some scripts to make it work and then the OptiForge 1.19 appeared! I don’t want to take more time from you, so let’s get started right now.

How To Download OptiForge Mod for Minecraft 1.21

This won’t be that hard. As you might know, you need two different things and that is Optifine Mod 1.21 and Forge 1.21, I will give you a quick guide on how to download these two. If you want a more in-depth tutorial, there are two links above, each leading to the article you want to read.

First off, let’s download Optifine. Go to the downloads section, which is down below, click on the link. At first, you will be taken to my redirection website, click on download again. Then you will appear on the official website. Go to downloads and then select the correct version which is Optifine 1.21, hit download.

The forge way is kinda similar. There is nothing hard on this, go to the downloads section again. You can do it by scrolling down, and click on the link. You are now on the redirection website, choose download and it will take you to the website where you can finally download the tool.

On the left side of the website, there are version, please choose Forge 1.21 and download it. Now take both of these files and drop them on the desktop. Let’s continue.


Optifine 1.21: Click here

Forge 1.21: Click here

How To Install OptiForge Mod for Minecraft 1.21

I assume you have both files on the desktop, which is totally fine because I want you to have them in there. What we have to do now is to get into the roaming folder where the main Minecraft folder is.

How can you do it? Open the Windows Search Bar and type in %appdata%, hit enter. This will open the folder. Find the Minecraft and open it. Now scroll down until you find versions, go into this. Go back to the desktop and double-click on Forge. This will open the installation menu.

Go through the whole process, agree with the terms and conditions and finish. Take a look into the versions folder, and now you should see Forge 1.19 installed, if yes, then everything is correct, and you can continue. If you don’t see it, repeat all the steps I’ve given you.

You need to find the mods folder now, once you have it, take the Optifine 1.21 file from the desktop and drop it in there. And that should be it! You can now open the launcher, choose the version and play! Anytime you want a new mod, just paste it into the mods folder, nothing else.

What is OptiForge?

With OptiForge, you can have Optifine and Forge work together. You can play mods with shaders, faster FPS, and much more. It provides the compatibility between each other.

Is Forge compatible with Optifine?

Yes, it is. Optifine can run with Forge like a normal mod. You just take the Optifine and paste it into the mods folder, you can enjoy shaders with different kinds of mods.

Is Optifine better than Forge?

No, because each of them are for different purposes. Optifine is for FPS, Shaders, and stuff like that. Forge is mainly focused on mods.

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