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How To Install Inventory Tweaks in Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Inventory Tweaks in Minecraft 1.19.3. Inventory tweaks is a mod that will help you keep your invetory sorted, it will replace your quasi-broken tool and dump everything in chest with one click. This minecraft mod will get your life more easier. You will get in love with this one, the best on this is that it is really easy to get it. Let’s get into it.

About this article:

Hey! So were you wondering How To Install Inventory Tweaks Mod in Minecraft 1.19.3? Then you are in the right place! I’ll show you everything you need to do in order to play Minecraft 1.19 with Inventory Tweaks Mod. All you have to do is to follow my steps that I give. If you have any problems with the installation don’t hesitate and contact me.

How To Download Inventory Tweaks in Minecraft 1.19.3

First off, download the inventory tweaks mod and forge from the link that is down below. Simply click on the link and it will first redirect you to my redirection website that I have made for occasions like this, once you are there you have to click on the link again. Then you will be on the curseforge website where you can finally download the mod, it is really easy to do it. The download section is on the right side of the website, find the correct version and hit download, then take the file and drop it on the desktop.

How To Install Inventory Tweaks in Minecraft 1.19.3

Go to the windows search bar and type in %appdata%. This will open up the roaming folder where you can find minecraft, go into that please. Then scroll down a little bit until you find mods, take the inventory tweaks 1.19.2 and drop it in there. Go back and scroll a little bit more down until you get to versions. Then you have to go to the desktop and double click on Forge, the installer will open up now. The whole process is pretty easy, go through and then hit install. Then check the versions folder if you see Forge 1.19, if yes then everything is all right!

That is completely it for this article. I really hope I have helped you to install Inventory Tweaks Mod 1.19.3 and now you can play Minecraft with this amazing mod. If you have any more questions please contact me here or on my YouTube channel Minecraft Sketch Bros where you can find a lots of useful tutorials. Also check out my second website about gaming called Cornecle. Thanks


What is the inventory tweaks mod?

It allows you to manage your whole inventory in the most easiest way possible. And yes, in both singleplayer and multiplayer! While using this, it will safe lots of time for you. There are three different options you can use and how you want to sort things out.

Does inventory tweaks work on servers?

Yes, it does! It works perfectly for both singleplayer and multiplayer. As well as NEI, TMI and other mods like this, it works on servers just fine. In fact, they are undetectable.

How do you use inventory tweaks?

It’s pretty easy. You have to install it at first. Then you just open your inventory with E and will see three different buttons. Each button represent something different. If you want to sort it out horizontally or vertically, it is up to you.

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