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How To Create A Free Minecraft Server using Tlauncher (2021)

In today’s article I will show you How To Create a Minecraft Server for Free Using Tlauncher. It is a very easy and fast Minecraft Tutorial for you and surely you will love it. If you are interested in playing Tlauncher with your friends then this video is right for you! Check out these easy steps to know How To Create a Tlauncher Server for FREE!


About this article:

Are you interested in this article where you will find out How To Create A Free Minecraft Server using Tlauncher? Let’s get right into it! It’s super easy guys you will see. First off, do you want your own world from Minecraft or generate a new one? If you want to have your own, then go to windows bar and search for %appdata% -> .minecraft -> saves -> export to .rar. Drag and drop the .rar file onto the desktop

Open up browser

Once you’ve done that, go to Google Chrome or whatever you use and look for and sign up. After that hit Create Server button, it will ask you if you want the server for Bedrock or for Java Edition. Choose Java Edition and click create. Now your Minecraft Server For free is created, but wait it’s not everything.

Go to settings

Go to settings and make sure you clicked on cracked so you can join in tlauncher. Choose how many players can play on your servers or which Minecraft version you want. If you still want your own world then go to worlds and import .zip folder, find your .rar file and select it. It’s done now.

Go back to homepage

Go back to homepage and click start, wait a couple of minutes in queue and then hit confirm and again wait for couple of minutes, after that you will see everything is ready. Open Tlauncher and choose your Minecraft Version, after that go to Multiplayer -> Add server -> Paste in your IP which you can find on Homepage of Aternos -> Hit Play.

That’s it!

And that’s it! Now you know How To Create A Free Minecraft Server using Tlauncher! If you want OP go to aternos again and find players and give yourself an OP. It’s really easy to create a free Minecraft server using tlauncher. Hope you enjoyed, check out my website for more awesome tutorials.

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