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How To Join Bedwars and Skywars Servers in Tlauncher! (2023)

In today’s article I will show you How To Join Bedwars Servers in Tlauncher works perfectly in Tlauncher 2023! If you are interested in playing Bedwars/Skywars/Build battle in Minecraft but you use Tlauncher then you shouldn’t be worried. It’s pretty easy to join Cracked Minecraft Servers where you can play these famous gamemodes.

IPs are down below

It’s easy to join Minecraft Cracked Servers in Tlauncher and I will show you how to do it today, because you want to play Bedwars in Tlauncher! The only thing you have to do is copy the IP of Bedwars/Skywars/Build Battle servers linked above. Now open Tlauncher. Create a tlauncher account or log in, so make sure you are logged into your Tlauncher account.

How To Join BedWars/SkyWars Servers in TLauncher

After you are in, choose the correct version of Minecraft. In today’s tutorial we are gonna use 1.20, pick it up please. It’s important to use the version that the server is using. You can’t play different minecraft versions on every servers, so patiently choose the version. Then hit play button and wait for the start up, it may take a while.

Once you are in

Hit Multiplayer button. And now click on add server, if you want to play Bedwars then add Pika Network server’s IP but if you want to play skywars or build battle then paste in play-ml.ru IP. All of these IPs are linked above, just choose which gamemode you want. The only thing now is to hit play.


Now you are in the server, to play, hit T button on your keyboard and write /register yourpassword yourpassword. This will register you into server so next time you can only login. (For login: /login yourpassword).

That’s it!

And that’s really it! You now know How To Join Bedwars Servers in Tlauncher. Just follow my steps mentioned above and it’s everything you need to know. It’s not that hard as you thought it would be right? I know, for more Minecraft Tutorials check out my YouTube channel or my website Minecraft Sketch Bros.


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