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How To Install Minecraft RTX Shaders in Tlauncher (2022)

In today’s article I will show you How To Install Minecraft RTX Shaders in Tlauncher! This works perfectly with all versions of Minecraft. Do you want to play Minecraft with RTX shaders? Then this article s right for you! RTX Shaders are really popular in 2022 and you will love this Minecraft Tutorial. Check out this amazing tutorial on How To Download Minecraft RTX Shaders in Tlauncher!

Download Link is down below

Hey there! Do you want to know How To Install Minecraft RTX Shaders in Tlauncher? Then this article is right for you! You will learn how to install RTX Shaders in Minecraft Tlauncher for free. This is really easy and quick tutorial, you can have RTX shaders in 2 minutes. I will show you everything from the scratch so it’s more easier for you. Let’s get right into it!

Before we begin

It would be really nice and cool if you follow my steps carefully, without any distraction. If you take a deep breath and focus on my words then it would be cool. It’s better for me to tell you this instead of getting 1000 mesages that it doesn’t work. Just follow my steps and if you have any problem then message me on Discord or YouTube channel!

First Off

Download Optifine and RTX Shaders which are linked down below. The first link will take you to Optifine Download Page, simply hit download button and drag and drop it into the desktop. Do the same with RTX Shaders please. Once it’s all on your desktop, find a Windows Search Bar and search for %appdata%.

Once you are there

you will see .minecraft folder, open it up and scroll down for versions folder. Now Open Optifine .jar file and install it. You should see Optifine version in the versions folder. If it’s there then everything is ok. If not then you should reinstall Optifine. After it’s done, open Tlauncher. Make sure you are logged in and choose the optifine version.

Install Shaders

You are now in the Minecraft Menu, open Settings and go to Video Settings, open up shaders, go back to .minecraft folder and look for shaderpacks folder, once you’ve found it, open it and drag and drop in the SEUS (RTX) Shaders. You are now good to go! Just select SEUS Shaders in Shaders Minecraft. Close the settings and now you should see the RTX Shaders in Tlauncher! It looks amazing right? Thank you for reading my tutorial.

That’s it!

You finally know How To Install Minecraft RTX Shaders in Tlauncher! Like I said this is really fast Minecraft Tutorial and I hope you like it. If you want to know more Minecraft Tutorials then check out my website, you’ll find a lots of tutorials there. Or you can check out my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. I also have a second website about Tech Stuff which is pretty cool and might be interesting for you!

Download here:

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