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How To Install Sodium MOD in Tlauncher (2021)

In today’s article I’m gonna show you How To Install Sodium MOD in Minecraft Tlauncher, this will give you huge fps boost and you’ll get no lag minecraft Tlauncher! Hope this works well for everyone. Remember: Sodium and Optifine can’t run together! You have to choose which one you pick. So let’s go and watch how to install sodium in minecraft Tlauncher!

Download here:

About this article:

Let’s get right into it. This is really quick and fast Minecraft tutorial where you will find how to boost up your minecraft FPS in tlauncher, we can do this by downloading Sodium MOD. I believe that Sodium is much better than Optifine is, but you can do this on your own.

Let’s do it

First off, you have to download Sodium Mod, Fabric API and Fabric which are all linked above, simply click on the links and download it all. Once it’s all on your desktop, go to Windows Search Bar and search for %appdata%, this will take you to a Roaming folder where you can find .minecraft, open it up.

Once you are there

Scroll down and search for mods folder, meanwhile double click on fabric and install it. Drag and drop the Fabric API and sodium MOD into the mods folder. Once it’s all finished you can now open Tlauncher. Sign into your Tlauncher Account and select the fabric version.

That’s it!

And that’s it! This is all you have to do in order to play Sodium in Tlauncher. I hope you enjoyed this article about How To Install Sodium MOD in Tlauncher which will boost your tlauncher FPS up! For more Minecraft Tutorials check out my website.

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