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Top 5 MCPE 1.17.40 Survival Servers (2021)

In this article I’m gonna show you Top 5 MCPE Survival Top 5 MCPE 1.17.40 Survival Servers! Are you interested in playing Survival in MCPE? Then you are in the right place! What are the top 5 best Survivals servers in MCPE? I will tell you exactly what the best Survivals servers are, so you can find exactly where you can play Survivals. Fun Survivals servers, and no matter which one you choose, you will have a great time. No matter what you are looking for in a Minecraft Survivals server, this article will help you find the perfect Survivals server to play on!

About this article:

This article goes over the Top 5 MCPE 1.17.40 Survival Servers. Whether you are looking for hardcore MCPE Survival Servers or faction servers​ that makes you play and have a ton fun. All of servers are best Minecraft Survival severs currently playable in MCPE. This is my list of the best Survival servers in Minecraft! The first Survival server on our list is Fallentech.

Fallentech is number one

and you can join it using the IP (19132 is port). On Fallentech, you will find a lot of mods and faction is included.No matter what you are looking for with Survival, you will find it on FallenTech Survival server. The next Minecraft Survival server on my list is NetherGames.

The IP

of this server is, and in this video, we are talking about their amazing MCPE Survival server. The main world is PvP only. You can find a lot of faction worlds there you there is a big to choose from! That’s it! Thanks for choosing me, those other 3 servers are also perfect and you are gonna love them!


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