Hello, In this article I will show you the best Minecraft video settings for Minecraft 1.16.3. I’ll show you the perfect settings for the highest FPS in Minecraft, without having to install Optifine. Using these settings will give you a brutal FPS boost and should fix lags in Minecraft 1.16.3!

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About this video:

Were you looking How To Boost your Minecraft FPS in Minecraft 1.16.3? Or Best Minecraft Video Settings for Minecraft 1.16.3? Then this video is right for you! I showed you how to boost your fps in minecraft 1.16.3 and I hope this video helps a lot of people, if yes then like this video!

So do this:

  1. Biome Blend: OFF
  2. Graphics: Fast
  3. Smooth Lightning: OFF
  4. VSync: OFF
  5. Render: 12 Chunks
  6. Framerate: Unlimited
  7. Bobbing: OFF
  8. Clouds: OFF
  9. Particles: Minimal
  10. Entity: OFF